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Gate City is responding to COVID-19.



Keeping everyone up to date is a large priority for GCCC right now. Here is the latest updates and encouragement during this crazy time. We know that the world is a crazy place, and things can even be scary at times. In the midst of uncertainty and fear though, we absolutely want to remind you that Jesus is on His throne in the midst of chaos. We can also be reminded that the church is always the church and isn't going anywhere. Even when things change, or circumstances demand something, or locations are different, God's church will always remain.


Due to circumstances beyond our control, our leadership has put a plan together for our church that needs to be communicated. Here are some important updates on this weekends services, our programming going forward, and our policy on COVID-19.

UPDATE 3/25/2020  

As the Idaho Governor issued the 21 day "Stay at Home" order today, we wanted to update you on what will be happening at Gate City in the meantime. 


​​​​​​​First of all, the church always wants to be the church to our community. If you have a need, please contact the church office so we can try to find a way to help you out. To stay in line with the "Stay at Home" order, our offices are physically closed, but our staff are still able to answer the church phone line, as well as respond to email. With that information please feel free to call the office, or contact a minister directly through email. 


Second of all, we will still be streaming services this weekend, and every weekend.  


Third, in order to comply with the order we ask all Life Groups to suspend in-home meetings.  We will have an online option for each group leader to use with your groups and will provide that to you. 


Fourth, the order does allow for our Food Pantry to continue to operate on Fridays. 


Even though the church is changing for a time, we are still the church! We are praying for your health and for you to be encouraged in these tumultuous times!


Pastor John


202 W. Siphon Rd.

Chubbuck ID, 83202


Office: 208-237-5002

Fax: 208-237-1969

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