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New To Gate City

Here's What to Expect

What kind of church would you want to attend?

That is a question we ask a lot around here. And for us, we have some core values that are expressed each Sunday in every service we do.


Come As You Are!

Our dress code at Gate City is simply please do. You will find a casual environment where people are encouraged to be real.


Sunday morning is only the starting point of the Christian week, not the point!

Life happens Sunday through Saturday. At Gate City, we are not about a Sunday morning show. In fact, the Sunday morning gathering is the same for us as any other service--just a picture of who we are and what we do every day. Doing life together as Christians, day in and day out, is the point of our ministry. This helps us walk closer with each other and with God so we can make disciples who can make a difference in the world.


Life Groups are the heartbeat of our church!

Life Groups are the heartbeat of our church, and the way we stay in tune with each other and with God. Since we were never meant to do life alone, it is critical for us to be in relationships with other believers. LIFE (Living In Fellowship Everyday) Groups are one way that we can build spiritually based relationships to help each of us stay on track.


Worship through music is a high priority!

We want everyone that comes through the door to experience the life changing power of worship through music. Because of that, we have upbeat, contemporary worship with a full band. It doesn't rock TOO much, but we want to praise God in a powerful way!


People should understand what is going on!

If the service doesnt make sense to people, why would anyone want to be a part of it. You won't hear big fancy words here. We want to keep things simple and straight forward. Everything we do helps us accomplish 3 simple life goals: to love God, to love people, and to make disciples. It doesnt have to get more complicated than that.


Kids Matter!

We dont want to shove our kids off into a corner somewhere and babysit while the "real service" goes on. We believe that children should have the opportunity to learn in a fun and focused environment. Therefore, we have created "Kids Zone" with age specific learning environments for children to attend while parents are participating in the worship service. These engaging learning environments will enable them to see the church as valuable and keep them from running from the church at their first opportunity.


We want to be known as a church that serves the community!

Too many churches are known for taking from the communities they exist in rather than for being a giving and generous force in the community. We want to be known as a church that loves its community. We want people to say, "Even though I don't go to church, if I did, that is the kind of church I would want to be a part of!"

Our Location
202 W. Siphon Rd.
Chubbuck, ID 83202
Sunday Services - 9am and 11am
Sunday Youth - 11am
Wed. Youth - 7-8:30pm
Life Groups-Various Days



What should I wear?

You’ll find everything from Sunday best to flips flops coming through the doors Sunday morning. Our dress code is simply "please do".


What kind of ministries do you have?

Visit the Get Connected page to learn more.


What do you have for kids?

GateCity provides amazing interactive classes led by background-checked volunteers who are devoted to all ages from birth through 5th grade, called Kids Zone. With such a large population of children to keep safe we provide a personal name and check-out badge for each kid using an electronic check-in system. 

If you’re planning to come for the first time, we have a New Family check-in station in our lobby with team members ready to assist you. 


Learn more about Kids Zone here


What do you have for teens?

Relentless is our Middle/High school ministry. They meet regularly on Sunday afternoons and Wednesday evenings. There are lots of chances for your youth to connect, belong, and grow.


Learn more about Relentless here


How can I get involved?

The best way to get involved is to meet people. But don’t fear, we’ve got plenty of ways to break the ice around here. Feeling shy, check out our Church Center Site or App that we use as our hub for communication with our church family. There you can see our things like our upcoming event Sign Ups, Church Calendar, Life Groups and upcoming classes and much more.  Easy peasy, right? Want the face to face connection? Join us in the foyer to meet our head pastor, John Robinson, or talk to one of our greeters who are dedicated to connecting others.


Do you offer any classes?

Yes! We believe that spiritual health encompasses more than just what you do on Sundays. Click on the links below to learn about the classes we offer.


Join The Team

Crisis 101

Starting Point

Financial Peace University

Marriage Built To Last

How are you involved with the community?

We want our impact to last long after we are gone in a tangible, practical, and spiritual way. We are called to be the hands and feet of Jesus – to love and serve those around us. Learn more about the specific ways we love and serve locally and globally.


What denomination do you belong to?

We are a non-denominational, independent christian church for people that are looking for a church that is real, not religious, and is making a difference in the community. 


How is your church run?

We’re an elder-led and staff-run church with a board of elders that oversee the church activities, staff, and provide care for those that attend.  The staff is responsible for day to day operations and the administration of church activities. 


Where are you located?

202 W. Siphon Rd.

Chubbuck, ID 83202


When are services?

9am and 11am  Sunday mornings


How do I find out what is going on?

Check out our What’s Happening page!


Is there someone I can talk to…?

Lots of people! Simply Contact Us to be connected.


Can I ask you to pray for me?

We would love to! – Please send us your prayer request.

New To Gate City
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