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Jesus didn’t write any books. He didn’t start any universities. He didn’t found any denominations. What Jesus did is he took 12 guys and lived life with them for 3 years. And those 12 guys went and did the same, and in their lifetime they transformed the known world. The gospel, discipleship and spiritual maturity has always come from purposeful interpersonal relationships. Life together exists because we all need God-centered community to grow in and live out a life that is focused on God, tight with each other and out there in the community. Whoever you are, wherever you are at with Jesus, and whatever stage of life you are in, you NEED community. Come and join ours, as we live out the adventure of following God together.  

Josh & Jen Robinson Sunday 6pm

We are a group of mostly married couples with children still at home.

John & Dora Robinson
Monday 7pm

We are a diverse group of couples and singles of all age desiring to be in community.

Men's group
Tuesday 6:30am

Lead by Pastor John we are men desiring to share and learn wisdom from brothers in Christ.

John & Jan riker
Tuesday 7pm

We are a group of older couples and singles that love to connect through studying God's Word.

Women's Group
Wednesday 7pm

We are a group of women of all ages that love to connect thought studying God's Word.

Mothers of Preschoolers
2nd & 4th Tuesday 9:30am

We share our experiences, learn from one another, and offer support for one another.

Mike & Kelly Cammack
Sunday 6:30pm

We are a group of mostly young couples and young working professionals.

John & Angela Krause
Monday 7pm

We are a group of couples and single of various ages. We have a great time during our meetings.

Ken & Jodi Weaver
Tuesday 6:30pm

A mixed group welcoming all. We are study the Bible together and do life together.

Womens's Group
Thursday 1pm

Lead by Carol Guymer we are a group of older women that love to study God's Word.

College & Young Adult
Monday 7pm

We are a group of college students and young adults seeking to know God better.

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